Auralic Vega G1


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Years in the making, the VEGA G1 Streaming DAC turns the classic AURALiC VEGA into a state-of-the-art device with the power to invigorate your digital audio experience. A longtime favorite for its beautifully musical sound, VEGA isn’t just a DAC anymore — it’s also a full-featured streamer capable of connecting to local and online sources of high-resolution digital music. That makes the VEGA G1 everything you need to access your favorite tunes no matter where they are, and convert them to a rich analog signal for your system. The VEGA G1 boasts major DAC performance improvements over the original too, with several design improvements borrowed from our top-of-the-line G2 devices, for a sound that lives up to the VEGA tradition.


The Art of High-End Streaming

Lightning OS is full of cutting-edge innovations that bring your music to life like never before. An extensive memory cache, bit-perfect multi-room functionality and on-device playlists help you seamlessly experience and explore all your high-resolution sources. Take control with user apps like Lightning DS or Roon, and meet true audiophile streaming.

Display Brilliance

A 4.0-inch true color in-plane switching display with a resolution of over 300ppi provides complete operational feedback: playback status, configuration settings, and a full library view for browsing your collection.


Flexibility to Explore

The ARIES G1 offers nearly universal connectivity for access to all your digital sources. Tri-band Wi-Fi and Ethernet open your system to UPnP/DLNA media servers, shared network folders, high-resolution Internet Services, and Internet Radio, as well as RoonReady, Bluetooth, AirPlay, and SongCast control.


Tester og omtaler


“It is built beautifully, it looks great, it is clean and crisp, both sonically and aesthetically and it sounds amazing.  The App is great for built-in Tidal and Qobuz.  What’s not to like?”


“…AURALiC VEGA G1 – Bloody hell… this thing’s good! “

Streamer/Network player of the year 2019

The Ear

The Auralic Vega G1 is a well thought out streamer/DAC that clearly benefits from technology created for the considerably more spendy Vega G2. “Naturally there are trade-offs but it does all the important things well, with neutrality of balance and consistency of timing being among the clearest. The combination of such engaging music making with very high build quality and one of the nicest control apps in the business make the Vega G1 a hard act to beat, put it with a decent server and it will deliver results that will revise your opinion of what can be done with digital audio.”

5/5 stjerner

Hifi Choice Magazine

“The ability it demonstrates with such a wide selection of music, coupled to the excellent functionality and extremely solid build means that it can more than hold its own. Auralic’s golden run continues and we can’t wait to see what’s next”

4,5/5 stjerner

Audiophile Style

“The G1 is on my shortlist of components when friends ask me which DAC to get and their needs match up with the features it provides. This happens quite a bit because of the G1’s expansive feature set and high level of performance.” 

Positive feedback

“The excellent sound, naturally, is what seals the deal. There are cheaper DAC options that I like, and there are DACs that have different sonic signatures that are not without their charms, but the sound of the AURALiC VEGA G1 hits the sweet spot at this price point. An excellent product, indeed”


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