Chord Power Chord



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Power Chord follows the “if it isn’t broken don’t fix it” thought process.  It took us a long time to produce our first mains cable. We had experimented a lot but couldn’t produce consistent results from system to system. It took the development and production of Chord Signature speaker cable for us to understand how to make a power cable that would produce the same improvement regardless of the system.  The crucial area of importance is the shielding, which is effective to very high frequencies. Apart from the colour, the only thing to change in ten years of production is the density of the dual layer shielding, the heavy gauge, high purity, copper conductors are the same as originally used.

The need to for hi-fi owners to experiment with shielded power cables like the Power Chord is becoming ever more necessary.  High frequency interference has only increased and the Power Chord is still a very effective way of dealing with it. Borrow one and try it with your source component. It’s easy to hear what effective shielding can do and when you’ve proved it to yourself,  experiment with amplifiers, pre amps and power amplifiers as well.

The Chord Power Chord is fitted with a standard IEC and is available in 1m, 1.5m and 2m lengths. Custom lengths and 16 amp IECs are available to order.