Grimm LS1


“The LS1 is not just a loudspeaker, but a complete audio system that only needs an analog or digital line source to perform.”


Grimm Audio’s goal is to design audio products that let you enjoy music in its full beauty. From our work in the professional audio field we learned about reproducing music as close to the original intention as possible. The LS1 embodies our vision on what a sound system should be like.

Perfect music reproduction is about getting all the bits in the right place: not losing anything, not adding anything either. The LS1 offers this accuracy, reproducing a truly musical recording accurately, with all beauty intact.

By integrating top quality digital signal processing, converters and amplifiers in one of the speakers’ legs, we were able to apply technical strategies no one had used before. As a consequence, the LS1 is not just a loudspeaker, but a complete audio system. Simply hook up your analog or digital audio source of choice and enjoy music in the highest achievable quality.


“The LS1 is not just a loudspeaker, but a complete audio system that only needs an analog or digital line source to perform.”


The LS1 remote control offers stylish volume control and the option to switch between sources such as the LS1 USB audio interface, a CD player, a music streamer or a phono pre-amp. By adding our LS1s subwoofer the LS1 is turned into a perfectly aligned three-way system, that offers higher performance below 40 Hz.

The LS1 offers an extreme linearity of frequency and phase response and a near ideal acoustical behavior. As a result the tonality of instruments and the spatial information sounds exact, but also musical. Everything just feels right. All technology gets perfectly out of the way of what is really important, the music.



The LS1sis a technological marvel. By applying ‘Digital Motional Feedback’, a control technology from the renowned Dutch high-tech industry, it became possible to achieve exceptionally low levels of distortion and full dynamic control. With an LS1s-dmf added for the bass frequencies, the LS1 system offers low distortion over the full audio band and redefines the term ‘transparency’. This is bass control like you’ve never experienced before.


“Digital Motional Feedback offers bass control like you’ve never experienced before.”


At frequencies below 100 Hz loudspeaker drivers need to move a vast amount of air and therefore have high excursion levels, while also the fundamental resonance – which is present in any loudspeaker – induces unwanted delayed effects. The result is that all conventional loudspeakers exhibit a rising distortion in the bass region with additional “thickening” of the bass by the resonance.

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Grimm LS1

  • unidirectional down to 250 Hz
  • DSP controlled frequency curve
  • well-behaved off-axis response
  • digital and analog audio inputs
  • 64/128 fs DSD and DXD playback via USB interface
  • filtered analog subwoofer output
  • remote control of volume and source
  • super low distortion NCore class D power amps
  • audiophile quality Seas drivers
  • 5 year limited warranty


  • Linear response down to 20 Hz
  • Turns the LS1 into a powerful 3-way system
  • DSP controlled frequency curve
  • Phase corrected crossover at 70 Hz
  • Peerless woofer and 400W class D amplifier
  • Mains outlet for LS1 minimizes cable clutter