Nå i ytterligere forbedret V2-utgave!

7 år med forskning og hundre prosent dedikasjon har ført til et banebrytende design som gir nærmest perfekt gjengivelse av levende musikk.






“The new HE1000 nailed it…at least as far as a headphone could on quick listen at a show.” “This sounds like a reference level headphone”, 
——Tyll Hertsen《Innerfidelity》
“The HE1000 V2 is still king of the planars with a fresh vibrant twist on the original sound signature of the old V1. The physical modifications have made it lighter, more comfortable and better balanced to wear as well as an upgrade on the stock materials and cables that come with it.”  — Headfonia
“As great as the original HE-1000 headphones are, the new version has improved upon them even further. I was very excited to hear the added dynamics and energy of the new headphones and when coupled with improved detail retrieval and quickness, the HE-1000 V2s are with only a very select group of headphones that are at the pinnacle of personal audio.” — Peter Pialis, Headphone Guru

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