Mr.Speakers Ether C


ETHER™ C closed back headphone by MrSpeakers’ breaks new ground in closed planar magnetic headphone comfort and performance. On the performance side, ultra-rigid carbon fiber cups deliver unrivaled “open” sound in a closed headphone.

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ETHER™ is MrSpeakers’ ground-up, and ground-breaking, headphone. ETHER is available both in an open-back and a new closed-back configuration, called ETHER C. MrSpeakers’ set three goals when they started the ETHER project: excellent sound, to provide more comfortable listening experience, and to have a timeless design.

How does ETHER sound?

Two years in the making, and many long nights went into creating a very detailed, yet natural and organic sound. No question, ETHER & ETHER C is MrSpeakers’ best work to date. It uses MrSpeakers’ patent-pending V-Planar driver, but with an innovative new tuning for the closed-back design. Among other things, the tuning delivers a somewhat stronger lower end, and offers a wealth of clarity and micro-details. ETHER C also delivers a stunningly large soundstage and precision imaging, a function not only of the use of carbon fiber for the cups, but also the new tuning developed for this headphone.

On the comfort front, ETHER weighs in at 375 grams (13.3 oz) while ETHER C weighs 394 grams (13.9 oz). Both headphones have a weight distribution optimized for both performance and comfort.

One way the MrSpeakers team cut weight without sacrificing performance was to invent an industry-first: a headband made of NiTinol “memory metal.” NiTinol is super-light and ultra-cool because it’s very flexible so it gives a great fit with minimal clamp. They also designed a new flat ear pad that reduces the size of the headphone, provides a great seal, and is made from our signature lamb-leather so ETHER be worn for long sessions.

So why name the headphone ETHER? 19th century physics had no concept of hard vacuum filling to “fill” the vast reaches of space. ETHER was an imaginary substance that filled the voids between the stars. Since a lot of what makes ETHER fun is the sense of space and the deep quiet between the notes, and ETHER was a bit “magical,” it seemed like a nice name.

The closed version of ETHER C includes MrSpeakers’ standard headphone cable. It is made using Canarre Quad Star microphone cable, and provides a quality listening experience at an affordable price.

We do suggest upgrading to our premium silver dragon or black dragon headphone cables to match with ETHER C for best results & sound.  Especially if you have higher-end portable or home equipment, you will want to get & hear every bit of optimum sound available for your listening sessions.  Choose from many options on our drop down menus above to optimize your ETHER C listening experience.

Innovations in the ETHER C headphone

It is an all-new design that makes use of several technology and manufacturing innovations to improve performance. ETHER is built around MrSpeakers designed single-ended planar driver. To optimize performance the planar has been processed using our patent-pending V-Planar technology.

NiTinol Headband

ETHER also uses a NiTinol «memory metal» headband to reduce weight and improve comfort. NiTinol is Nickel-Titanium alloy that is heat-treated to a geometry we set that’s ideally mated to our ear-ads to deliver a quality seal with minimal pressure.

V-Planar Driver Processing

Simply stated, a conventional planar driver is usually assumed to move as a flat surface. In reality, this is not possible as the driver substrate is inelastic and “locked” at the boundaries so the driver will move more as an arced surface then a flat plane, as conceptually illustrated in Figure 1.

FIGURE 1: Conventional Driver Motion

image Conventional Driver Motion

Over the years, different approaches have been developed to address nonlinear planar motion and the artifacts it can cause. Fostex patented their RP technology, used on all their drivers used in our headphones, to reduce panel nonlinearities. Another approach, known as knurling, was patented in 1997 by Bruce Thigpen, founder of Eminent-Technology and pioneer of numerous planar magnetic speaker technologies.

MrSpeakers’ felt it would be possible to improve on the solutions available to date, so we collaborated with Bruce to develop V-Planar knurling technique (we filed for a patent with Bruce as a co-inventor). In simplified form, V-Planar technology addresses nonlinear driver motion by more deeply creasing the diaphragm to increase compliance. Much as pleats allow an accordion to expand and contract without stretching the fabric, the creases in the driver «open» slightly during larger excursions as illustrated in Figure 2. When the driver is processed, the resultant peaks and troughs are deep enough to maintain more of their physical structure even after the driver has been tensioned.

FIGURE 2: V-Planar Driver Motion

image V-Planar Driver Motion

Increasing the driver compliance allows it to behave as a more idealized planar surface and also improves it’s acceleration. With more of the driver surface in linear motion, V-Planar can not only push more air at low frequencies, but with greater acceleration also delivers better dynamics, high-end frequency response, and measurably lower distortion. The Sound MrSpeakers’ is committed to is simply magical sound.  They are trying to avoid too much «marketing speak,» and deliberately avoiding a lot of prose and to simply say they love the sound of their drivers post V-Planar processing. They do sound more natural and engaging to us as well.

  • Driver: 2.75” x 1.75” MrSpeakers’ designed single-ended planar magnetic (with V-Planar™ surface processing)
  • Precision machined Aluminum baffle, pivots and gimbals
  • Nitinol “Memory Metal” Head-band
  • Italian leather with microsuede headband
  • Lamb-leather ear pads
  • Matched drivers: +/- 1.5 dB between 30 and 5,000Hz (tentative)
  • Weight: 370g (13.1oz)
  • Efficiency: 96dB/mW
  • Impedance: 23 ohms
  • DUM Dual-Entry Cables