Piega Classic 60.2


«Piega Classic 60.2 er alt vi forventer av en høyttaler til 100.000 kroner og mer til. På visse områder er den bedre enn enkelte andre til dobbel pris, og det sier ikke rent lite. Rett og slett fantastisk.»

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 Great Value in an Innovative Design.The Classic 60.2 model offers agility and enjoyment up and down the entire musical range. Clear and unerring musical integrity without any interference. Like all PIEGA loudspeakers with ribbon systems, the more they play, the better they become.




… and with Outstanding Features

The Classic 60.2 is fitted with the small coaxial ribbon system, guaranteeing the highest level in sound reproduction. Furthermore, with two MDS chassis the bass performance can hold its own amongst the best.



The C-shaped cabinet is available in a piano white or black finish or in exclusive high gloss Macassar. To suit your personal taste!



Sort Piano, Hvit Høyglans, Makassar


    • Technical Data
  • Recommended amplifier output
  • 20 – 250 watts
  • Sensitivity
  • 93 db/W/m
  • Impedance
  • 4 Ohm
  • Frequency range
  • 24 Hz – 50 kHz
  • Dimensions (H x W x D)
  • 132 x 35 x 46 cm
  • Weight
  • 52 kg
  • Design principle
  • 3-way-system column loudspeaker
  • Equipment
  • 2 22 cm MDS-Bass 1 C2 coaxial ribbon
  • Connection
  • Bi-Wiring / Multi-Connector
  • Designs
  • Cabinet white or black piano lacquer, baffle Napalette black, speaker covers black Optional: Cabinet Makassar piano lacquer, baffle Napalette black, speaker covers black