Piega Premium 5.2


«Her er løsningen for alle som elsker vellyd, men ikke finner høyttalere som passer inn. De smale gulvhøyttalerne er simpelthen det beste vi har testet i denne klassen.»

Les testen her: http://www.lydogbilde.no/test/hoyttalere/piega-premium-5-2

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The all-rounder.

The fact that the atmosphere of the «Earth, Wind & Fire» concert with Al MacKay on the Mouttas Muragl (2,500 above sea level) near St. Moritz can’t be reproduced is one thing. But the Premium 5.2 flawlessly plays all the most detailed nuances of this and other music legends.



It is sleek, well-proportioned and equipped with the latest cutting-edge technology, such as the new LDR ribbon tweeter and fast bass chassis.


It fits.

The all-rounder fits perfectly into any environment and masters all the different styles of music without any fuss.