Piega PS-2


Solid og velbygget subwoofer i aluminium.

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Active with 500 Watt.

The active subwoofer PS 2 gets more out of a piece of music or film. The profoundly deep bass output, the naturally deep sounds, the precision and the explosive dynamics turn a musical piece or a film into an impressive experience.


Technical Data

Recommended amplifier output integrierter 500 Watt Verstärker
Sensitivity variabel
Frequency range 19 Hz – 3 dB / variabel
Dimensions (H x W x D) 45 x 40 x 40 cm
Weight 43 kg

Design principle Active subwoofer
Equipment 2 26 cm LDB-XL basses
Connection LFE, Line In, Hi Level
Designs Silver varnish cabinet. black metal grill Optional: silver grill, black varnish cabinet, white varnish cabinet