Violectric V850 DAC


Fantastisk DAC fra Violectric.



VIOLECTRIC V850 – The successor of famous DAC V800 offers best sound, unsurpassed technology, countless features.


– 4 digital inputs switchable:
– transformer balanced via XLR (AES 3/11), 24/192
– coaxial via Cinch (S/P-DIF, AES-3id), 24/192
– optical via TOS Link, 24/192
– USB input, X-mos based, 24/192
– coaxial digital output including digital volume control
– resampling/upsampling with selectable modes: x1, x2, x4 and «BEST»
– Low jitter clock (< 1pS) with low noise supply
– LED displays for active input, Lock, Mute/Error, resampling status
Double-mono architecture with 2 D/A converters per channel
32 Bit delta-sigma DACs with outstanding 120 dB dynamic range and -112 dB THD
– perfect analog output stages to not affect the maximum dynamic and minimum THD-N
– Analog output level adjustable in the digital domain with 32 bit accuracy
Optional remot control for motorized volume control, input selection, resampling action
– Additionally the max. analog level is internally adjustable in 5 steps
– Analog signal treating including phase-reverse and sharp/soft filter roll-off
– Analog outputs electronically balanced via XLR and unbalanced via Cinch
– oversized toroidal transformer
– extensive internal power conditioning with low-ESR capacitors

Case and back panel are made of strong aluminium and are Nextel coated.
The 8 mm frontpanel is milled, sand-blasted and anodised.
The labeling is laser engraved.